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Custom Aluminum Flatbed For Your Polaris Ranger. These are hand built using high grade Aluminum, and hand TIG welded together. They are setup as a shock assisted dump bed with a quick lever release, to help with unloading. We will build it to whatever size you would like, but the max we "recommend" is 5' square. Some of the features in this design are foldable sides that hinge down and lock in place for hauling wider things. The Tailgate is removable with a quick pin system. We do install LED Taillights, Brake Lights, Blinkers, and Hazards. We also supply a new extended wiring harness for the new length of the bed. Another feature we offer for these is custom CNC logo designs for the sides. This can be either your company logo, or just a Mural/design that you like. We also can provide any finish you would like. Paint, Powder Coat, Raw Aluminum, Bed Liner Ect. We can also build Custom Aluminum storage boxes attached to keep straps and other supplies dry as well as cab guards. The options are pretty much endless on one of these, please reach out to us today with any questions you may have! Lad time for a custom flat bed is 8-10 weeks depending on the options!

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